SKS Compit Cell Phone Mount for Brompton

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I’ve tested just about every phone mount out there, including the Quad Lock, and this is far and away my favorite - especially for the Brompton.  A central mounting platform that securely hold your phone over any type of terrain. The best part is the available battery charging unit that mounts between the platform and the phone mount and allows wireless charging on the go, on or off the bike.  Compared to the Quad Lock system, the Compit is about half the price and offers much more versatility and equal or better performance.

The COMPIT is smartphone holder for all conventional handlebars and front-end combinations, including the Brompton, which holds your smartphone safely and securely over the roughest terrain. With a simple twist, you can position your smartphone horizontally or vertically thanks to the oversized bayonet attachment and it can then be moved into exactly where you want it with easy angle adjustment. The mount fits handlebars from 22.2 up to 31.8mm diameter using the included rubber adapters, and is absolutely rock-solid. Though not advisable, you can pick up an unladen bike by the mount, it's that solid. You can position your phone forwards or rearwards on your handlebar by alternating whether the plate sits to the front or rear of the bar. I set mine forwards to give maximum knee clearance; it's good to have the choice here if you have lots of other handlebar hardware to clear. Those familiar with the Quadlock case system will be pleased to know that SKS has made its version of the 'quarter-turn' method even more intuitive and forgiving to mis-alignment at the start. The mechanism is rock-solid, with no hint anything was coming loose after many hours of bashing about. Overall, the SKS Compit Smartphone Holder is a great option for holding your phone for navigation or simply close to hand for that mid-ride selfie. It's secure, expandable and made to SKS's typical high standards, with future phone cover availability almost guaranteed.

* Holds your smartphone safely and securely over the roughest terrain
* Position your smartphone horizontally or vertically
* Easy angle adjustment
* Produced from robust polymer with stainless steel hardware
* Fits handlebars from 22.2 – 31.8mm

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