SKS Compit Battery/Charger

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The Qi-certified +COM/UNIT with integrated NFC Near Field Communication chip. This allows any mobile device equipped with a wireless charging function to be connected and charged on the go, at any angle, with simultaneous use. In addition, the +COM/UNIT can be programmed with an Android application to activate specific applications (e.g. Strava) and/or functions on your NFC chip equipped smartphone eg. brighter screen, GPS on, Bluetoth on, sending automatic "I'm busy" message to someone.

Mobile devices that are not equipped with wireless charging can be connected and charged via the USB port on the +COM/UNIT.

* Battery capacity - 5000 mAh
* Qi wireless transmission power - 5W
* USB output / USB input - DC 5V/2A
* NFC chip - NTAG 216, 924 Byte
* Weather resistance - IP54

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