Terry Corta Women's Performance Saddle

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In designing the Corta saddle for women, we endeavored to create an entirely new shape for performance riders whose riding style has evolved. Maybe you’re more competitive, riding longer distances or have a new bike that you can’t get comfortable on – this snub-nose styled saddle could be your solution. The Corta has a shorter overall length and a dropped nose which both combine to eliminate excess surface area, prevent chafing and alleviate pressure. We’ve also engineered it with our largest cutaway for the greatest relief channel possible. Additionally, it’s supportive and flat at the rear so you have a good platform for sustained climbing in the saddle.

Aesthetically, the Corta is a streamlined beauty with textural detail and state-of-the-art technology. Rear wing microsuede panels are bonded to a premium Dura-tek cover with screenprinted graphics and light perforations. And finally, we’ve used the lightest weight Ti-316 rails coated in satin silver. If you’re ready to step up to the perfect blend of the latest in technology, Terry comfort engineering and high performance design, Corta was made for you.

Made in Italy
Length x width: 250mm x 149mm
Weight: 235 g
Rails: ti-316
Cover/features: seamless bond between Dura-tek cover and microsuede panels; screenprinted graphics and perforations

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