Radical Design Wheelie V Walking Trailer, Braked

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Radical Design trailers are made in the Netherlands of the highest quality materials and their workmanship is outstanding.  Their bike trailers are far superior to anything else I have used here in the States.

In line with our penchant for adventure we offer their walking trailers as well.  While not well suited for steep, technical single track type trails, those that are looking to walk across America (or similar routes) will find this trailer to be an exceptional choice.

The Wheelie Walking Trailer is the innovative alternative for a backpack and has been specifically developed for long distance hiking without strain to neck and back. The Wheelie Traveller V is the standard model equipped with a 75 liter bag. In this fifth version they TIG welded the bushings and placed an extra crossbar making this the strongest and most rigid frame to date. Also the hip belt has been completely redesigned and is now fully adjustable to be even more comfortable. Comes standard with black bag, solid tires, wheels with industrial closed bearings and bright yellow raincover.

This braked version has wheels with Sturmey Archer drum brakes and a brake lever for the right hand, which simultaneously operates both drum brakes.

If not in stock, can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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