Foldy Lock Classic, Black, 95cm

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An impenetrably strong lock which conveniently attaches right to your bike. Solid, hardened-steel with drill protected rivets make bolt-cutters a non-issue.

  • Hardened Steel Links - increased security to protect your bike
  • Ultra Protected Rivets - rivets are designed with the VSR technology to prevent against sawing or cutting
  • Anti-Drilling Components - cylinder and other components are drilling resistant
  • Protected Against the Elements - metal components are rust free an plastic cover is UV protected
  • Bike's Frame Protection - links are plastic coated to prevent scratching
  • Fast and Easy to Use - easy and convenient to operate
  • Silent Ride - rattle elimination mechanism prevents lock from shaking while riding
  • Easy to Carry - folds to compact shape and stored inside frame mounted case.

| Joseph Leeton 28-12-2018 22:23

Fantastic product
Exquisitely made lock.
Nice smooth finish which won't scratch your beloved beast.
Great easy to install carrier.
Lock placement is simple.

| Micha 28-12-2018 22:22

Love it!
Definitely a great lock. It's solid and sturdy without being too bulky, and fits around pretty much everything I want to lock my bike to.

5 stars based on 2 reviews