Clubhouse Mini for HSD

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The Clubhouse Mini—little sibling to the Clubhouse+—makes your bike as versatile and functional as a hatchback car. Use it to carry one kid, in or out of a child seat. When no passenger is on board, the Clubhouse Mini offers 400 x 400 mm of interior space—more than enough for your grocery haul. The Clubhouse Mini fits on the HSD and GSD.
The Clubhouse Mini is part of the Passenger System, and should be paired with other accessories to safely carry passengers.

*         Fits one child in a child seat OR one big kid* on the Clubhouse MadPad
*         Extended side rails provide added protection for little hands
*         Converts in seconds to a heavy-duty grocery-hauler with 400 x 400 mm of interior space
*         Supports vertical parking
*         Includes four bottle mounts for water bottles, coffee mugs, and locks
*         Compatible with the HSD and the GSD
*         Lets you install the Storm Box Mini, Storm Shield Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and other handy accessories

*A "big kid" is approximately 18+ kg (40+ lb), or 5+ years old. All kids are different though, so check with your pediatrician.

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