Biologic/Tern Repair Tool

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The award-winning BioLogic FixKit multi-tool is a compact, ultra-light mini tool that has one BIG feature: a 15 mm wrench for internal gear hubs, fixie hubs, and pedals in addition to 19 other tools commonly used on bicycles. The patented design delivers 14 cm of leverage and the included neoprene cover serves as a handle cover to protect your hands from all the sharp bits. Manufactured from high quality aluminum and chrome-vanadium. Winner of a 2014 Taipei Design & Innovation Award.

  • 15 mm wrench for tightening axle nuts and pedals
  • Patented design securely locks wrenches in place
  • 20 integrated tools for common adjustments and repairs
  • Neoprene pouch for scratch protection and easy handling
  • Dimensions: 14 × 40 × 77 mm (0.6 × 1.6 × 3.0”)
  • Weight: 158 g (5.6 oz)

Note: This tool may be branded "TERN" rather than "Biologic"

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