SON Hub Dynamo Set for Brompton, Complete Kit - Lightly Used

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The SON dynamo system, made for Brompton may seem expensive - but beautifully engineered, extremely light and almost friction free.  This lightly used set has a brand new double walled rim and dynamo paired with a lightly used wire harness and light.

The Son hub dynamo is highly efficient, and you can expect years of reliable use.

On / off control is via a switch on the front lamp. Other than that, the lamps are the same as with the tyre dynamo system.

This is much more expensive than the  Brompton / Shimano  or Brompton / Shutter Precision hub dynamo but offers less rolling resistance and includes a brighter, higher quality Busch & Mueller IQ Cyo T headlight.

Kit includes everything you need to add the complete lighting system to your Brompton

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