How to care for your GoCycle Lithium Ion Battery

Gocycle Lithium Battery: Care and Maintenance

Batteries do not last forever. As with lithium-ion batteries found in most battery-powered products, the Gocycle lithium-ion battery will slowly deteriorate over time. Lithium-ion batteries begin to degrade from the point of manufacture due to a chemical reaction that gradually causes the internal impedance of the cells to increase—in time reducing the ability of the battery to deliver its charge. For this reason, a new battery will always perform better than one that is six months old.

To maximize the potential lifespan of your Gocycle battery, follow these guidelines:

  • Before first use, ensure that your battery is fully charged.
  • The fuel readings on the dashboard and the capacity of the battery pack may vary during initial usage.
  • After ten discharge and charge cycles, the battery and fuel indicators will become more consistent.
  • Your battery will go into over discharge protection mode if it is discharged to a critically low level.
  • Recharge your battery as soon as possible after it becomes fully discharged. A battery will be permanently damaged if left for an extended length of time in a fully discharged state.
  • Heat accelerates the degradation of batteries. Avoid operating or storing the battery in high temperatures when possible.
  • Once your battery displays less than two 2 LEDs, charge your battery within 48 hours. Place the battery on charge, and when the charge is complete, unplug the charger and press the sleep button. Do not allow a nearly depleted battery to be unused for more than one month. The battery will slowly discharge until it becomes fully discharged, and this will permanently damage the battery cells.

When you are not using the Gocycle, we strongly recommend that you put the battery into Sleep Mode. Do not leave the battery on charge. When fully charged, unplug the charger and return the battery to Sleep Mode.