Schmidt SON XS Semi-Radial Dynamo Front Wheel, Brompton Rim, Black

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If you have a Black Edition Brompton, here they are at last: redesigned, new, small and narrow hub dynamos, perfect for the Brompton and now available in black with a Brompton black rim - perfect for the Black Edition bikes.  The new bodies have lateral slots instead of spoke holes. Straight pull spokes are placed into the slots as also found in system-wheels. This makes the wheel elegant and durable simply because there is no bending moment in the spoke elbow.

The new hubs are about 40 grams lighter than the previous XS models. The new hub surface is anodized. The SON dynamo system, made for Brompton may seem expensive, but it is beautifully engineered, extremely light and almost friction free.

This product is ideal for the Black Edition bikes with black hub, spokes and Brompton black rim.

This is much more expensive than the  Brompton / Shimano hub dynamo but offers less rolling resistance.

Included axle fittings.

 - Electrical Power: 6V / 3W according to Geman government's road traffic regulations (StVZO)
- German Mark of Conformity: ~~~K 439 for 16" - 20"
- Efficiency: 60% at 15 km/h
- No-Load Power Input: 0.7 Watt at 15km/h
- Magnets: neodym iron boron, 26 poles
- Connection: 4.8 mm flat spades, 2-pin, to connect without ground connection
- Axle: Hollow axle aluminium 7075 T6
- Bearings: Deep groove ball bearing 629 2RSH (SKF)
- Hub Shell: Aluminium 6082 anodized
- Sealing: Alloy dust shields, rubber lip seals and pressure compensation system
- Weight: 345g (without skewer)
- Width Axle Ends: 74 mm 

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