Supernova M99 Pure+ eBike Headlight: Black

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The best, brightest and badest headlight for your e-bike. Runs off 12v battery from your e-bike system.

With 1100 lumens at 12V DC, the M99 PURE + offers a full power low beam with a special daytime running light signature.

Technical specifications:
• Low beam: 1100 lm, 310 lx
• Power: 16 W.
• Daytime running lights: 4.5 W, 32 power LEDs
• Supply voltage: 12 V DC
• Approvals: L class z. B. L1e
• Illuminant: 5 automotive LEDs
• L x W x H: 67 x 87 x 57.5 mm
• Weight: 220 g
• Daytime running lights with distinctive light signature, with daylight sensor
• Cable length 1070 mm. Please order suitable bracket and adapter cable.


| Stephen Conley 31-12-2019 03:05

Wow! I decided to become one of those crazy people who bike commutes year-round. Unfortunately my night vision (what with being 56 now) is terrible making it really hard to see the patches of ice on the road. First ride home tonight, almost forgot it was night! If you have trouble seeing at night - this light is the answer!

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