Phil Wood Bottom Bracket, Titanium, 119mm, JIS, Carbonite Bearings

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Legendary Phil Wood quality and finish with ceramic bearings.  Includes 2 alloy retaining cups.  Requires special Phil Wood tool for installation.

Phil Wood is world renown for machining beautiful, ultra long-wearing bike parts. This bottom bracket is classic Phil! Extremely smooth Carbonite race bearings are the core of this finely crafted product. Expect tens of thousands of trouble-free, smooth spinning miles from this Phil Wood Bottom bracket. Both cups are recessed so you can fine-tune your adjustments and like Brompton bottom brackets, the spindle is offset 1.5mm so that the chainline will be perfect.

We recommend having the threads on your bottom bracket chased prior to installation.


Note: Second photo shows steel bottom bracket with standard bearings.  Product will use titanium spindle, alloy shell and Carbonite race bearings as seen in first photo.

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