Busch & Mueller Lumotec IQ Premium CYO T Senso Plus Licht 24 80 lux

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The Lumotec IQ Cyo headlights have gotten an upgrade! The two new versions are called Lumotec IQ Premium Cyo, and have a even wider beam, about twice the width of the original CYO, improved near-field road illumination with a more even distribution of light from near to far on the road, and revised switches.

It is not riding through the center of town with overhead street lights where this light shines, but as soon as you get on those back roads, you will feel more confident, particularly on fast descents. These headlights are amazing.

The IQ Premium beam is not quite as wide as the Luxos beam, and is perhaps not quite as good on a very fast descent, but it's awfully close, for a lot less money.

I'm stocking only the version with Daytime Running Lights (Licht 24), IQ Premium CYO T Senso Plus.  It has a 2 position switch - Off & Senso.

In Senso mode riding in daylight, the Daytime Running Lights are at full brightness. At dusk, the headlight will automatically switch over to nighttime mode and the Daytime LEDs will dim down so the road can be fully illuminated by the main LED which runs at full brightness. Or you may switch it off entirely.


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