Bike Friday New World Tourist, 50, Sky Blue

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Bike Friday founders are hard core roadies, and they have the medals to prove it. They raced their way off the windy plains of North Dakota with a simple goal: Design a travel bike that performs like your best road bike.  Designed by Rob English, at Cat. 1 racer in Oregon, Bike Friday bikes have the racing pedigree.

This world-class touring bike is capable of fully loaded trips over multiple weeks and can still serve as your everyday commuter. It also folds to fit in a car trunk or an airline check-able suitcase for international adventures. Hand made in Oregon, USA.

For those unfamiliar with Bike Friday and their bikes, the New World Tourist is a high performance folding bike designed for touring around the globe. It is not a fast folder, like a Brompton or a Bike Friday Tikit, but rather a packable folder. It is built with 20-inch wheels and they are designed to break down easily into a standard-size, airline legal, suitcase.

This bike was custom built in June of 2023 for one of our customers who unfortunately no longer able to ride the bike.  It is essentially brand new.  It has a travel case and a bunch of accessories (some new and some well used).  This customer has had Bike Friday bikes since the very early days of the company and in fact was an early investor in the original company.  This was supposed to be the bike that he could ride into the grave but an unfortunate accident prevents him from riding ever again and he has not ridden this bike.  Save the wait time and get the bike for a significant discount.  Invoice price for the bike was $2,693 and another $350 for the suitcase and packing materials.


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