Sped Dial Hinge Clamp Set

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SpēdDial FAQ

rustrated by the time and dexterity required to unfold and to fold our Brompton?  So were the folks at SpedDial. They researched other products to solve this problem, but found them to be  expensive and only partly effective. Their idea was to offer a solution that was as both effective and affordable by combining a few custom mass-produced parts with inexpensive off-the-shelf components.

The result is a hinge clamp that is better than Brompton’s stock clamps in at least 4 significant ways, speeding the fold/unfold process enough to add up to several minutes of non-fiddly time to your natural lifespan. Great gift for any Brompton owner.



SpēdDial Folds Fast from Stephan Bianchi on Vimeo.

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