Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport 350w Rohloff, Medium (50cm)

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This fast e-bike has two great features: Its high performance 350W Panasonic motor and the Rohloff SpeedHub-14 internally geared hub with 14 evenly spaced gears turning inside an oil bathed case, resulting is smooth, ultra reliable power transfer.

There are many new parts on this bike including front fork, fenders, handlebars, stem, seatpost and tires.  The rest of the bike has only 1500 miles on it, which for a Panasonic motor is just barely broken in.  These motors are well known for lasting 60,000 miles without so much as a hiccup.  The battery is 2 years old and comes with a high speed charger enabling charge times under 4 hours.

  • 350W Panasonic motor - Over 80 miles of assisted cycling power per charge with 15.5Ah battery.
  • Faster commute with pedal-assist speed of 28 mph
  • Variable motor power levels - conserving energy or maximizing power, as needed
  • LCD control panel with speedometer, active power indicator and back lighting
  • Disc brakes for dependable stopping and safety
  • Integrated high-powered Busch & Mueller night lighting
  • Double-walled Velocity Dyad rims with high-end puncture-resistant tires
  • Ergon GS1 comfort grips
  • Available in 2 sizes - Small (45) and Medium (50)



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