GoCycle GXi

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Available beginning mid-January 2020

Gocycle’s newest model offers the ultimate blend of design purity, convenience of fast folding, and exceptional rider fit and riding dynamics.

The GXi’s fast-folding frame enables users to fold and stow the bike in just 10 seconds while housing a fully-integrated 375 Wh battery. All electronics are elegantly routed through the frame giving a clean, stylish, design that does not attract dirt and is perfect for storing in the office or in tight city living spaces.

Richard Thorpe, designer of Gocycle, commented: “At Gocycle we are driven by the pursuit of perfection, taking a nocompromises® approach to continuous improvement of our products to make them even more urban rider-focused than ever. The GXi builds on the success of our G3 platform and now with our fast folding technology, it offers an incredibly compelling package for savvy urban commuters currently turned off by heavier, compromised traditional folding bikes.” “Each GXi technology has been carefully engineered to work together in complete integration. We have always been focused on excellent riding dynamics and rider fit. Whether that’s providing more versatility, improving safety or helping Gocycle riders to have more fun – everything has a purpose.”

The GXi adopts the hydroformed aluminium frame of the fast-folding GX, mated to Gocycle’s proven and patented magnesium Cleandrive® system and world speed record PitstopWheels®. Users will appreciate the intuitive folding mechanism that makes it possible to fold and stow the GXi into a compact package in just 10 seconds. Once folded it can be rolled along on its wheels making it incredibly versatile and easy to live with. Gocycle’s newest family member has a fully-integrated design with a quick removable 375 Wh battery housed in the GXi’s fast-folding frame that provides a range of up to 50 miles (80km) with a 4-hour charge time. All electronics and cabling are internally routed through the frame giving a class-leading, clean, seamless design.

The GXi comes with a bespoke cockpit on the handlebar presenting all the information a rider needs on a streamlined, F1 inspired LED dash that displays battery level, driving mode, speed and gear position. It will feature Gocycle’s predictive electronic gear shift which automatically downshifts through the gears when slowing down ensuring that the rider is never in the wrong gear, especially when the lights go green, ensuring a clean getaway every time.


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