Tannus Solid Tire, 16" x 1.25" for Brompton, Black

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The Mini-Velo is the perfect size for the Brompton and is still made of the Tannus Aither 1.1 puncture-proof compound. The Tannus Mini-Velo tire, a flat proof tire, means there will be no tubes to change over Summer vacation when you ride off curbs and through the sprinklers, run over glass and nails in the street, roll over bushes and sticker patches, and generally abuse your tires in the heat of Summer.  While most traditional tires puncture and deflate with this type of abuse leaving you with the resulting headache of changing a bike tire, the Mini-Velo allows you the peace of mind that accompanies puncture proof tires.

Another fantastic application where the Mini-Velo shines is the world of running strollers. The opportunity to get a flat is a matter that weighs heavily on the minds of husbands and wives alike when a jog or a walk behind a stroller is concerned. Whether it is a newborn, an infant, or the cutest dog you've ever seen, you want to keep them safe when and the Mini-Velo from Tannus will give you that peace of mind and freedom from the worry of getting stranded with your stroller because of a flat tire.

The Mini Velo tire from Tannus is like riding a conventional tire pumped up to just around 80 psi.

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