Radical Design Brompton Backpack

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The Brompton Backpack is the perfect solution for those who want to transport their Brompton comfortably on their back while not riding it. This newly designed Brompton accessory is like the Brompton Transport Bag, with some extra features. It has two comfortable padded shoulder straps. The padded back panel protects you against any frame parts poking into the bag. The hip-strap helps to divide the load between shoulders and hips.

Your Brompton can be completely stored in this backpack. After opening the long zipper you can put your Brompton inside. By closing the zipper and the buckles the backpack is ready to use. In some countries it is mandatory to store your folding bike in a bag in public transport.

When riding your bike, you can still use the backpack. In a few easy and fast moves, you can compact it into a practical daypack. From this moment on you can use the short zipper on the back to reach the inside of the backpack to store clothes or groceries.

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