Brompton P Line Urban Mid Midnight Black - Pre-Owned

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This bike was originally sold to a customer one year ago.  Unfortunately, the customer's travel plans changed and the bike has not been ridden.  It is in perfect condition and looks like it just came out of the box.

Weighing 1.55 kg less than the equivalent all-steel model, P Line is lightweight performance, folded and unfolded. This meticulously engineered machine thrives on city roads with its titanium rear frame, forks, and all-new suspension block. Next-level componentry and enhanced portability features make it faster to ride, lighter to carry and easier to move around the city in every way.

The P Line titanium rear frame and forks are 700 grammes lighter than the all-steel equivalent and are just as strong.

Full redesigned suspension block

Even more responsive and efficient with improved control andhandling


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