Bike Friday Trailer Kit

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The Bike Friday Travel Trailer includes everything you need to make your Travelcase into a tow-ready trailer. The system includes the aluminum trailer frame, two wheels, protective socks for packaging and one reflective flag and thumb nuts to connect your travel suitcase. Also included an axle hitch and air nipple.

Every Bike Friday needs a way for the trailer connection to attach to the bike. Many of their bikes have a left chainstay braze-on to hold an air nipple which quick-connects to the trailer. 

The trailer package also comes with a rear hub axle mounted hitch. This hitch can be used in place of a bike-specific hitch, or as a connection method on another bike so you can swap your trailer system quickly to another bike. There is a male air nipple included as well (integrated into the axle hitch).

Two 12" pneumatic wheels are included with all attachment hardware and a neon reflective triangle. Just add a Travelcase and get on the road.

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