Chedech Dolce Vita

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Coming 1st week of August 2020!

We are very excited to be the exclusive North American source for the latest Chedech folding bike, the Dolce Vita.  All the benefits of a Brompton but much lighter and with standard sequential gearing - no more jumping back and forth between shifters to search for the right gear. 

You might have been attracted by the wind blowing through your hair and alongside your cheek while riding a bike. The feeling tempts you to buy a more expensive bike, and you don’t regret the cost. It’s worth it because you will enjoy riding that much more! Before long, you become obsessed with the bike and want to ride it everywhere, even to work. But commuting has it drawbacks — you arrive to work sweaty and have difficulty finding a secure place to keep your bike. So you look out the window every chance you get to make sure the bike is safe. Instead of focusing on your work, you worry about your bike. Therefore, you invest in a folding bike It seemed like a good idea at the time, but you soon after discover its shortcomings. It’s too heavy to carry; it’s not suitable for long rides; it vibrates more than normal sized bikes; and it’s too heavy and awkward to carry, even when folded.

You ask yourself, “What good is a folding bike that is too heavy and uncomfortable to ride long hours?” Then your never ending zeal starts again and you imagine the perfect folding bike. You desperately want to make it as light as possible, and you don’t care about the cost. After spending several thousand dollars more, you have a light bike, but it’s still uncomfortable. It’s also too expensive to ride everywhere and is missing some essential features. For example, you got rid of one brake in order to reduce the weight. Still, your bike seems heavy and insecure to ride fast and long hours. You wonder if it is possible to make a fast, light, folding bike. Perhaps you could get an Idea of what you want, but it doesn’t exist. Then you discover Chedech, the ultimate carbon folding bike!

It folds small in one quick moment, with ease; It is light enough to carry by hand; It is fast and pleasant to ride; and best of all, its carbon fiber frame absorbs riding impact for ultimate comfort.

Is it possible to make such a folding bike? The answer comes from the material; Carbon. 

Every experienced cyclist knows that a carbon frame is lightweight and allows for fast and comfortable ride. The small-sized wheels on typical folding bikes deliver greater stress on the rider’s wrists and body, but by using carbon fiber we can limit the shaking and vibrating movement from ridingl.

But why are there so few small folding bikes made out of carbon fiber? The answer lies in the traditional cost structure.  Most folding bikes are designed to be cheap and affordable.  Designing a custom carbon fiber frame is very expensive, especially when frame hinges are involved.   So, Chedech took on the challenge and 5 years ago introduced their first carbon fiber folding bike.  Now five years later they have applied what they learned and have launched the Dolce Vita.

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