Bike Friday Pocket Rocket

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Bike Friday founders are hard core roadies, and they have the medals to prove it. They raced their way off the windy plains of North Dakota with a simple goal: Design a travel bike that performs like your best road bike.  Designed by Rob English, at Cat. 1 racer in Oregon, Bike Friday bikes have the racing pedigree.

Serious roadies who accept the fact that their bikes look different quickly learn that's the exception. The rule is they excel on the road. They design with classic road bike frame geometry, dress with high end components and, best of all, like all their bikes, they fit in a suitcase and travel with ease. They don't usually replace your road bike but they do match it when you travel so your best training continues to keep you on schedule.

For those unfamiliar with Bike Friday and their bikes, the Pocket Rocket is a high performance folding bike. It is not a fast folder, like a Brompton or a Bike Friday Tikit, but rather a packable folder. It is built with 20-inch wheels and they are designed to break down easily into a standard-size, airline legal, suitcase.

The Pocket Rocket is custom built to fit your body with top tube equivalents from 48 cm to 58 cm. It is for riders 190 pounds (86 kg) and lighter. It packs easily into a Bike Friday TravelCase for easy airline travel, so you can stay in top form no matter where your travels take you.  Prices range from $1300 for a standard base model to more than $6000 for a 16 pound, SRAM Red equipped Super Pro.  Let your imagination run wild and let us help you build the perfect travel bike. 

Touring on a Pocket Rocket works well if you plan to stay on hard surfaces.  If you plan to tour on softer surfaces you would be advised to look at the New World Tourist or Pocket Llama bikes.

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