Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Cargo Bike

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Haul-a-Day Family Cargo Tour. Triple crank with wide range gears. 17.5" super low to high of 87". A fine Family Cargo bike great for in town and also for expedition touring or for the strong rider of the group so you can carry others stuff! Adjustable 48cm to 60cm top tube means it fits riders from under 4ft to over 6'4" tall. You will immediately appreciate how light it is compared to other cargo bikes. Base bike is only about 33lbs/14kgs. As set up here is about 35 lbs. Makes it far more manageable & manuverable for the lighter shorter riders. Good for riders to about 220Lbs, plus 200lbs or so of cargo. Add your pedals and saddle or choose them to come with your bike. Lots of usefull accessories available.

  • Frame adjusts to riders 4-foot to 6-7
  • Starting weight just 33 pounds
  • Low step-over height
  • Big load capacity - 200lb capacity is standard (in addition to rider), 300lb capacity is optional
  • Low center of gravity
  • Light and agile, rides like a real bike
  • Made in the USA

The cargo area is not quite as long as that of an Xtracycle, but it is still plenty roomy for groceries, kids, or whatever you’re hauling. An additional bonus is the ability to clip traditional panniers to the bed rails for more versatile carrying options.

Bike Friday says it wasn’t looking for outright cargo capacity when it designed the Haul-A-Day, rather it wanted something that was slightly smaller, more maneuverable, more manageable for women and smaller riders, and can fit a wide variety of users. I think they’ve checked all those boxes, as it fills the void nicely between a normal city bike and my massive Surly Big Dummy. Think of it as a two-thirds-sized long-tail. The 20-inch wheels are super strong and keep the weight down low. Being able to step through the frame is also a lot easier than swinging a leg over when it’s loaded down.

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